Tucked away in the heart of the southern Shoalhaven, just north of Lake Conjola and south of Bendalong, you’ll discover the quaint coastal sanctuary of Manyana, NSW. This small village delivers expansive views along the breathtaking coastline, showcasing the picturesque Green Island and as far south as the iconic Ulladulla Lighthouse. A visit to Manyana offers a charming return to traditional beach holidays – an enticing mix of sand, surf, and serene relaxation.

Manyana Beach stands as a beacon for surf enthusiasts, while nearby Inyadda Beach and Cunjurong Point provide easy access to even more coastal adventures. Green Island at Cunjurong Point is a surfer’s dream, boasting waves that can deliver up to 50 metre rides, and in the right conditions, an exciting barrel.

Being close to Berringer Lake, Lake Conjola, and Bendalong, Manyana is the perfect launch point for endless exploration. Whether you’re keen to swim, surf, fish, or unwind, you’ll find the perfect spot to indulge your passions. For your convenience, you’ll find small general stores at both Bendalong and Cunjurong Point for essentials, and accommodation options range from self-contained holiday homes to cosy cabins in nearby villages.

Manyana truly embodies the spirit of a traditional beach holiday. Numerous beaches provide safe swimming for families, enticing snorkelling spots, and wave conditions perfect for dedicated surfers. Rock and beach fishing are popular activities, with promising catch reports to entice any angler.

Make your way to Manyana in the Shoalhaven region and immerse yourself in the quintessential coastal holiday, where the rhythm of the waves and the scent of the sea air combine to create a tranquil, rejuvenating escape.