Sussex Inlet

Nestled approximately midway between Nowra and Ulladulla, the charming town of Sussex Inlet emerges as an idyllic holiday destination. Encircled by a network of tidal canals, and snugly positioned between the serene St Georges Basin and the majestic Pacific Ocean, Sussex Inlet offers an enticing blend of peace and thrill, making it a haven for water enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. 

As a water lover’s paradise, Sussex Inlet boasts access to the calm waters of St Georges Basin and the dazzling waves of the Pacific Ocean. It’s a picturesque gem in the Shoalhaven region, where the townscape seamlessly intertwines with a labyrinth of tidal canals. These waterways serve as inviting avenues for a host of water-based adventures, from leisurely fishing and boating to the adrenaline rush of kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding.

Head to Sussex Inlet Marine Centre or Go Hire A Boat for an extensive selection of water sports equipment, including boats, kayaks, and paddleboards. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy the abundant year-round opportunities in the basin, inlet, and ocean, culminating in the lively Sussex Inlet Annual Family Fishing Carnival.

Further enriching the Sussex Inlet experience are its picturesque beaches and excellent nearby surfing spots. Learn to surf with JB Surf School, or drive just 30 minutes to Huskisson to embark on unforgettable dolphin and whale tours in Jervis Bay Marine Park.

The surrounding beauty of Conjola National Park invites you to explore its rejuvenating bushwalking and cycling trails. Begin your adventure at the Walter Hood and Heath Circuit cycling tracks in nearby Cudmirrah. For golfing enthusiasts, the leafy nine-hole Sussex Inlet Golf Club provides an inviting green haven, complete with barbecue facilities for a delightful post-game relaxation. 

Come and experience the magic of Sussex Inlet, where the natural splendour meets thrilling adventures, creating the perfect setting for a memorable holiday.